So you’ve created profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now what?

Most businesses recognize today’s necessity for social media marketing, and many often attempt to go at it themselves. But lack of experience and time constraints can do more harm than good. If making a few Facebook posts or sending out a couple tweets is all your internal team can manage, consider the R.O.I. that hiring a professional social media agency can deliver.

Effective social media communications drive sales, client referrals, SEO and more. Here are five reasons to go with a pro.

Strategic Planning

Professional marketers begin with a strategic communications plan to support and align with your business goals. Once the strategy is clearly articulated, a comprehensive tactical plan and flexible content calendar help to keep the efforts on track.

Best Practices

Each social marketing platform offers a unique opportunity to connect and engage with your target audience. To achieve positive brand impressions and goodwill within the individual channels, the professional’s comprehension of the nuances is critical.

Staying Current

Part of the agency’s job is to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry, investing time in continuing education and platform updates, and to make recommendations for implementing new strategies or tactics when appropriate.


Social media’s most compelling asset is measurement. A pro will outline the key metrics and work to establish benchmarks over time. Ongoing analysis may include audience growth, reach, engagement, website traffic and sales (for e-commerce sites).

Time Savings

By creating and implementing the strategic communications plan, developing content, growing brand impressions, monitoring news and analyzing data, a professional social marketer will save brands hours of legwork so the business can focus on its core competencies.

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