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In With The New

In With The New

In 2015, the company I founded as Brand Communications, Inc. celebrated its 10th year in business.

What a long, strange and terrific trip it's been. There have been interesting clients, great products and services to promote, and lots of disruption along the way. Could business practices and the media landscape have changed more dramatically in this period?

I'm proud to say that we worked to remain nimble and learned to adapt along the way. We're still learning, in fact, and that's terrific, too.

Disruption or no, our mission is to help clients thrive. That's really at the heart of what we do. The rest is about maximizing what we can use from our marketing communications toolkit. 

Today, I'm especially proud to launch our new website and WorkTheBrand identity. (In case this is news to you, our clients are responsible for the rechristening, having co-opted what was once the agency's tagline. The name stuck, as they say.)

Here's to another New Year of growing and thriving. Let us know how we may help.