Spreadsheets are anathema to the sparkling promise of summer vacations, poolside lounging and half-day Fridays. But the time to make hay for Q4 is now, well before those white shoes get tucked away.

Planning ahead is your power play. Around mid-June, we prepare for the calendar's second half by taking stock of the prior six months, updating business goals, outlining action items and fleshing out next-step timelines.

For clients participating in fall trade shows, it's helpful to have themes, news and storylines established prior to the July 4th holiday. Early deadlines for editorial submissions start in August.

Quality photo assets are a critical component for effective communications- in both traditional and social media platforms  - yet this 'To Do' item is too often relegated to the back burners. We say: prioritize the most promising images to help tell your story and fire up the (professional photographer's) fancy digital camera and Photoshop editing tools ASAP.

Relieve fall and winter performance pressure with effective planning now. Because Thanksgiving, winter holidays and New Year's Day should be sparkling, too.

Work the plan to WorkTheBrand. We're here to help